‚...By providing us with a world class IP Management System and excellent support services, IPSS has made our business more streamlined, efficient and profitable. Once our staff became familiar with the internal machinations of the IPSS system, it became a straight forward procedure to easily extract data from our records and keep our clients’ updated with the status of their intellectual property portfolios. We are now confident in knowing that the IPSS system is correctly monitoring our deadlines and is able to provide us with accurate, useful and concise reports that we use on a daily basis...‘
IP Gateway
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‚...As a progressive firm trying to attract and retain sophisticated clients, we have found IPSSdotNET to be a powerful and infinitely flexible system that integrates well with our accounting and word processing systems. The browser-based platform is so flexible that it allows us to connect and review information without delay. Enhancements are released at a great pace. We recommend this solution to any size firm...‘
David Leason, Managing Partner
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‚...Houlihan2 has built its reputation on being the benchmark IP Firm in the Asia-Pacific Region, by providing unparalleled client service. IPSSdotNET has played a major role in assisting us to achieve this position and using it has given us the edge over our competitors. IPSS delivers the service it promises and then some....‘
Michael Houlihan, Managing Partner
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‚...We chose the IPSSdotNET software for our case management system because it appeared to be flexible enough to adapt to our working practices (and not vice versa); because the browser-based approach provides advantages for multi-site working; and because the responsiveness and personal attention of the support team gave us confidence they could meet our requirements. We have not been disappointed: a great product and fantastic service...‘
IP21 Ltd
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‚...IPSSdotNET suits our requirements very adequately. It is flexible which accommodates the requirements of our world wide clientele, it gives us the confidence that all angles of our professional responsibilities can be monitored and our data is easily retrievable, whether by browsing or reporting. We are a satisfied customer and our clients find it helpful and valuable...‘
Bawden & Associates
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