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IPSSdotNET is a browser based technology that supports all aspects of Intellectual Property management. It supports many different office roles from staff untrained in IP procedures through to attorneys. Additionally, it provides tools that enable executives to assess human as well as IP portfolio performance.

In IP offices, individuals may fulfil more than one role – it all depends on the size of the organisation and the portfolio. IPSSdotNET has been designed to support the small private practice, the global corporate and everything in between.

We support many different areas of IP, including Patents, Trademarks, Oppositions, Agreements, Citations, Copyright and others.

IPSSdotNET has Records Management that is flexible, secure and easy to use, but how do its other components help with the day to day work of maintaining an IP portfolio? Let‘s take a few examples. Attorneys can monitor Due Dates from within Microsoft Outlook. Docketing staff can drag and drop emails and documents into the KnowledgeBase, our document management system, also, from within Outlook. Staff untrained in IP can gener-ate offical letters from within Microsoft Word. Even better, they don‘t need to know anything about IPSSdotNETto do these things – we recognise that attorneys and secretaries probably do not want to learn to use our system in order to do their jobs effectively.

You can deploy the IPSSdotNET software to your own servers or you can use it on our secure hosted systems.



Our Services Help You Run Your Business Effectively


Remote Data Entry - we provide expert data entry in the event of illness or high workload.


Report Design - expertly designed professionly presented reports to help you manage your portfolio. Delivered to your staff by email or on-demand.


Help Desk - always pleased to help you with IP, technical or other queries relating to the IPSSdotNET system.


Workflow Design - we can design failsafe IPSS workflows to help you control the flow of work around the office.


Custom Software - if you have a special requirement we can customise the IPSSdotNET system to suit your needs.


For Microsoft

Inter-operability with Microsoft Office Programs

The IPSSdotNET system provides a high level of
inter-operability with Microsoft Office via add-ins
and directly from the browser. You can:

Drag and Drop files and emails directly from Outlook into the IPSS Document Management system.


Generate emails and documents (using data drawn from IPSSdotNET) directly from your browser.


Send data from IPSSdotNET to Excel.


Send files from the IPSS Document Management system to external parties directly from Outlook.


Generate batched emails and documents (using data drawn from IPSSdotNET) directly from your browser. Edit, approve, save, print and send items from the batch when convenient.


Pull data from IPSSdotNET from within Excel.


Generate emails and documents (using data drawn from IPSSdotNET) from within Word.


View your Due Dates in Outlook.


Edit data in Excel and upload it to IPSSdotNET

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