Our Strategic Partner

The ipan global network
represents an international partnership
of top professional IP firms.

ipan signifies the next generation of IP services and continues to innovate and expand its capabilities. From its global partner network to our advanced technical infrastructure, we are committed to advancing the industry and providing you with a unique service experience.

100 leading IP firms with expertise in
more than 240 jurisdictions

Comprehensive service range
spanning the entire IP life cycle

Cost-efficient, transparent and secure processes
to protect, monitor and validate IP rights

your benefits
from our partnership

build to simplify your work

Combine IP software and IP Services

Benefit from one single communication channel

Keep control of your portfolio and easy monitor your competition

build to save you money

Reduce efforts and risks through the automation of time-consuming administration processes

Rely on our IP expertise and focus on your core work

Save time and costs by using our IT infrastructure instead of setting up your own

build for your future

Enable true lifecycle management of IP rights from a single point of contact

Protect your data with the help of your state-of-the-art technology and high sophisticated data verification processes

Close the gap between IP software and IP services and be ready for a new way of working