Managing 1000‘s of Records

Effective records management is key to the success of any IPR system. The integrity and security of your data is of the utmost concern to us and consequently we use what we consider to be the best database management system, Microsoft SQL Server ®, exclusively in our software. Our systems routinely handle hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of records for clients across the globe.

IPSSdotNET delivers the highest levels of security, reliability and performance for recorded data. Our browser based software permits clients to access their data anywhere there is an internet connection available.

IPSS has been in the business of providing IPR records management to corporates and private practice for more than 20 years. We understand how important your data is and we also understand how to turn it into information, for use at all levels of your organisation.



Managing 1000‘s of Documents

The IPSSdotNET™ product optionally includes a comprehensive document management system – we call this the KnowledgeBase™.
The KnowledgeBase acts as a central repository for documents generated by the IPSSdotNET application itself, scanned documents and documents originated by attorneys, managers and docketing staff. Documents can be of any type including: IPR applications, specifications, reports, spreadsheets, letters and emails.

Documents in the KnowledgeBase are easily accessible through the case record, whether it is a trademark, patent or other supported legal right. There is no need to switch to a third party application – a couple of clicks will get you to any document. And it doesn’t stop there, users can collaborate interactively on documents – even from remote locations. Collaborative working is effectively controlled by a check-in/out process – eliminating the need for multiple copies of files to be kept in different places.
The KnowledgeBase is fully searchable. Unlike document management systems that only

handle images of documents it will search inside the documents for words and phrases as well as by legal entity reference, for example, trademark application number or family reference.
Other notable features of the KnowledgeBase include: an approval workflow that enables completed documents to fulfil their function within a case life cycle and automatic notification, by email, of interested parties when a document is changed or checked in/out.
The KnowledgeBase fully supports the (now current) shift away from hard copy documents to the use of electronic primary business/IPR records, thereby facilitating a move to increased efficiency and productivity.
Windows Sharepoint® Services provides an adaptable, powerful and secure platform on which the KnowledgeBase is built. Your documents are safely stored within a logically designed framework that integrates seamlessly with the other parts of the IPSSdotNET3 system. Access rights to documents and libraries are simply controlled via the Active Directory of the Windows® Server products.



Transforming Data into Information

The value of data lies in its use. Using data effectively will allow you to manage IPR as well as other aspects of your business.
IPSSdotNET™ makes it easy to exploit the IPR records data. Such data can be compiled into a variety of reports for the benefit of users and decision makers.

IPSSdotNET is compatible with report writers such as Crystal Reports® and those utilising Microsoft SQL Server® Reporting Services. Reports can be generated in a variety of formats and delivered electronically, by email or in hard copy.
Levels of security of reported data can be applied as desired.



How do you make a user’s life easier?
Provide tools that are easy to operate.

Sophisticated and Easy to Use

The products in IPSSdotNET™ software range, though sophisticated in operation, are simple to use. Consequently, proficient operating skills can be acquired with minimum training.
IPSSdotNET technology is founded on the Microsoft.NET® framework, Internet Explorer® and SQL Server® products, providing a system that has been designed, from the ground up, to be browser based. Because it is a browser based system, IPSSdotNET can be easily

and rapidly deployed over local and wide area networks for effective operation. Data can be accessed by a user wherever he/she may be located.
We provide comprehensive help in the form of manuals, telephone/email support and a Wiki that covers IP procedures as well as IPSSdotNET usage. To view the Wiki, please login. If you need a user name and password click Registration – it only takes a moment or two.



IPSS Workflows

Workflow is a term that means different things to different people. It all depends on who you are and what you’re doing. At IPSS we believe that workflow means streamlining office practice and procedures to achieve the most efficient end result.

All our clients are unique in the way they do things and we don’t forget that. The workflows we will design for you will mirror what you already do – we don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Our workflows will help you with your existing office procedures – they will provide reminders and warnings when something is threatening to become overdue, for example.

Workflows are interactive – people acknowledge the workflow at various key points which allows it to continue to it‘s next stage. If an acknowledgement is not received then the workflow will issue a warning to another person.

One of the most important aspects of IPSS workflows is that they are designed to be fail-safe. If a key person is on vacation, for example, then the workflow will notify another individual instead. The value of working in a fail-safe environment cannot be underestimated when dealing with IPR.

IPSS workflows are not rigid – we realise that you are always the best judge and if you choose to cancel or override a workflow then you can do so, provided you have sufficient rights in the IPSSdotNET™ system. However, all overrides are recorded in the IPSSdotNET audit trail – a log of all user activity.



Working As a Team

In the business of IPR, time is of the essence and so improved productivity is key. IPSSdotNET™ software with KnowledgeBase™, facilitates improved productivity by enabling users to work together faster and better. They can effortlessly share information, analyse data, create great looking documents and reports.

Users can collaborate interactively on the preparation of documents, even from remote locations. Such collaborative working is effectively controlled by a check-in/check-out process. The need for multiple copies of files to be kept in different places is eliminated.



Meeting Our Client‘s Needs

Flexibility is a key asset of the IPSSdotNET™ software product range. IPSSdotNET software is configurable to match the particular needs of a client. For example, a client can have any data screen configured and customised to its liking both in terms of the data presented and its style of presentation.

IPSSdotNET software comprises modules and features that can be ‘’cherry picked’’ to suit specific requirements and which, should those requirements change, be readily and

speedily changed to satisfy the new requirements. This flexibility is very advantageous, for example, when a client needs to upgrade its existing IPSSdotNET software to reflect changing intellectual property activities through business expansion and/or widening of its practice areas. Consequently, downtime of the software is minimal with little disruption to a client’s business.



Meeting Your Client‘s Needs

Experience tells us that everyone likes instant access to information – whether it be the status of a specific patent application, a report detailing an entire portfolio or perhaps a costing summary. Very often it is inconvenient to call or email for routine updates and status checks – most people want to view current information over the internet without
any hassle. IPSSdotNET™ provides a Portal Site to meet these needs.

Your clients can view information securely whenever they want, from anywhere in the world, using any of the commonly available web browsers. You decide what you want your clients to see and if you so chose, to update. Portal Sites are not limited to providing read only information to clients, you can also gather data from them – for example, you could set up a questionnaire, provide a feedback form or suggestions box. The sky is the limit!



Intellectual Asset Management

Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) expresses a company’s need to best utilise and exploit its intellectual property (IP) assets for added value. It’s a way of cost effectively managing an IP portfolio, say a patent portfolio, that is constantly changing due to new filings, expirations/abandonments, M&A and licensing activities, and the like. It’s about gathering information on competitors’ IP activities by collating published patent applications and opposition and litigation materials. It requires that such important IP related information

is communicated to and shared between decision makers/IP/technical personnel in the company. With company globalisation, it is essential that such information is available 24X7 to such personnel wherever located. A web-based system for managing IP data and associated documented information has become a prerequisite for successful IAM. At IPSS we regard the fundamentals of IAM to be:


IP Records Management


Collaborative Working and Information Sharing


Key Performance Indicators


Document Management


Fail-safe Workflows


Cost Estimation and Forecasting

We give you access to all the above from one place – the Case Record itself. Of course, how you see this information depends on your role in the IP team. Managers and Attorneys generally work with information to help them with decision making, but Docketing staff will generally work with data – from which management information is derived.

At IPSS, we believe that the effective IAM system is one that is tailored to the way you want to work. You can choose a generic IPSSdotNET system which will work out of the box, but most of our clients appreciate having things the way they want them.

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