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We provide bespoke web-based software solutions to IP practices, both private and corporate. All solutions have simplicity of operation, high data security and low maintenance in common.
We do not presume to know the specific requirements of a particular IP practice. These are discussed on an individual basis, when we can input our considerable experience to good effect. We constantly monitor feedback from our client User Group and advances in technology to ensure that we offer the best solutions available.
We can provide basic ‘off the shelf’ solutions, adaptable if necessary, to satisfy the differing needs of start-up and established smaller practices. At the highest level, for the largest practices, we can provide sophisticated solutions designed to meet their every need. Any customisation of our software as agreed with a client, is undertaken and finalised prior to installation and before implementation by the client.

The key objective of each solution is the same: to ensure the integrity of entered data and the automatic generation of dates to facilitate the prosecution process. The integration

of different modules and features provide for increasing functionality and their variation enables a continuum of solutions to be provided, from the basic (core) level to the sophisticated (“all singing, all dancing”) level. The requirements of every class of IP practice is catered for by the flexibility of our software.

The extant IPSS was established in 2000 upon the acquisition of an earlier IPSS software business that had been operating for at least two decades. We pioneered the use of web based technology in IP, having introduced it in 2001 as the platform for our “IPSSdotNET” systems. As a company, we strive to be highly flexible towards, and swift to respond to, clients’ needs. We are a team of experienced ‘quality-enthused’ professionals covering the IT/IP spectrum that is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to its clients.

Our Help Desk is manned by expert formalities (docketing) personnel who are always pleased to help.

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Diane Coppack

Diane Coppack has been a Director of IPSS for 16 years and is responsible for Client Projects. Prior to IPSS, she was the Group Intellectual Property IT Manager for a major multinational group of companies which used the original IPSS system. Initially trained by IBM as a computer programmer, Diane has worked in multiple IT roles including Lead Programmer, Systems Analyst and IT Manager within the private sector.

Fred Pearson

Fred Pearson has been involved with IPSS for 15 years. He is a European Patent & Trademark Attorney and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys in the UK. Prior to IPSS, he was the Group Intellectual Property Counsel for a major multinational group of companies into which he introduced the original IPSS system. In between times, he acted as a consultant to several major corporations and international law firms.

Nicholas Robinson

After working as a research fellow in the field of computer vison, Nick has worked as a software engineer, designing, implementing and leading a number of projects ranging from on-line latin databases for academic use to data hypercubes for business analytics. For the last 15 years he has worked for IPSS as the director of research and software development.

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